My cousin's wife delivered a baby tonight !!
What a exciting and amazing news !!! A new life comes to this world.

After graduating from school, I found that it is not easy to exist in the world.
I admit that I am ambitious. I hope that I can have a high-salary job, live in a comfortable house, drive a cool, nice sport car, give my famlies a good environment, help people who need money.....
I have lots of dreams, but if I want to be what I want to be, I have to pay more time for passing the tests.

Many of my classmates have already been working, 
They have stable jobs and earn money by themselves!!
But I still can't. I am home all day and just studying in my room.
When some friends asked me: what do you do now? 
I always felt emberassed to tell them that " I don't have a job, I still rely on my parents."

Actually, I'm very stressful. I'm afraid of a bad consequence.
Maybe the road I choose is too difficult - to enter the law school in the U.S.
Sometimes I start to suspect myself- If I go beyond my depth ?

However, I can't back down. There is no way behind for me.
Even though it's a daunting prospect, if I give up but didn't try it, I'll regreat to die.
Anyway, I still thank the god very much that I've been so lucky that I can choose to study abroad,
so I'd really suppose to do my best.

As an old saying goes "Chance favors the prepared mind"
Claire, keep making effort, don't regret until the chance gliding away in front of your eyes.

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